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Современного автомобилиста кажеться уже сложно чем-то удивить. Сегодня мы с Вами посмотрим из чего сделана Subaru Exiga. Очевидно, производитель постарался удивить нас. Давайте посмотрим, как данное чудо техники справляется со своей задачей.

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Обзор и характеристики Subaru Exiga

Horizontally opposed 4 cylinder
65L(Unleaded regular gasoline)
AWD/ Lineartronic with manual mode
$22, 129~
New Channel

©2014-2015 Driver’s High Channel, All Rights Reserved.The Subaru Exiga exterior design expresses the integration of the utility of a seven-seater and elegant styling.

Two distinctively different front grille designs are available. The naturally aspirated models possess style that highlights refinement and simplicity with flowing chrome-plated contours. The design for the turbo model stresses a sporty and muscular impression by adopting a powerful wing-shape embellishment in dark plating on a metal mesh background.

Headlamps are designed to provide depth from the front view. With a blue-tinted lens placed in the middle of the lamp, the design accentuates boldness and presence.

Each of the four Exiga model types is equipped with distinctive wheels and individually designed spokes.

Eight exterior colors are available.

Overall length: 4, 740mm
Overall width: 1, 775mm
Overall height: 1, 660mm
Wheelbase: 2, 750mm
Interior design

Decorative insets with a horizontally flowing pattern from the center panel of the dashboard to the door trim add spaciousness and a quality look to the interior. Rich and refined interior design is further accentuated by the center panel, which combines wood and metal finishes, as well as by the indirect blue LED light installed on the overhead console, center tray and some foot areas.

Ivory tone that accentuates openness and light, and black tone, which highlights both sportiness and elegance, are available as interior colors.

The seats are newly designed to firmly support the occupants and reduce fatigue, even during a long drive, and the seat cushions are made thick to effectively absorb vibration and provide comfort.

The meter module on the instrument panel is distinctively designed with the meter background faces illuminated in blue to make the white dials clearly readable. The Sport Luminescent Meter, outlined with chrome-plated meter rings, is available on the 2.0GT, 2.0i-L, and 2.0i-S.


2.0-liter DOHC Engine (2.0i, 2.0i-L, 2.0i-S)

The use of a redesigned DOHC cylinder head and the active valve control system (AVCS) promotes excellent environmental performance. Also better fuel economy is realized through adoption of the regular gasoline engine.

With the optimization of the diameter and length of the intake manifold, and the adoption of the equal length/constant pulsation independent exhaust system, the engine's intake and exhaust performance has been elevated.

Two catalytic convertors have been placed in tandem. The layout enables the convertors to quickly heat up, which facilitates catalytic activation during engine startup and improves on emission reduction efficiency.

By expanding exhaust capacity with the twin mufflers, air flow resistance inside the mufflers is reduced, and excellent engine output characteristics and noise reduction are realized.

The electric control sensor system helps reduce engine load and further improve fuel economy by controlling electric generation according to driving conditions.

Max. power: 109 kW (148PS) @ 6, 000 rpm
Max. torque: 191 Nm @ 3, 200 rpm
2.0-liter DOHC Turbo Engine (2.0GT)

A lightweight, resin-based intake manifold is used. The inner walls of the manifold are smooth and less resistant to the intake flow, elevating intake efficiency.

The turbo charger was exclusively developed for the Subaru Exiga. Optimization of its A/R and compressor, as well as a redesign of its turbine vane, have distinctively improved low-end torque and made powerful and responsive acceleration possible.

Also adopted is a secondary air system that forces air into the exhaust port to burn out any gasoline remaining in it. The system helps eliminate harmful substances when the powertrain is still cool, and it promotes early activation of a catalytic converter.

Through optimization of the construction of the intercooler, the pressure loss is kept at a minimum to improve cooling efficiency.

The electric control sensor system helps reduce engine load and further improve fuel economy.

Max. power: 165kW (225PS) @ 5, 600 rpm
Max. torque: 326 Nm @ 4, 400 rpm
Drivetrain and Chassis

Lightweight and compact 4-speed AT with the SPORTSHIFT gear selection is standard on all 2.0 liter naturally aspirated models. By optimizing the final gear ratio, as well as through reducing friction among part assemblies, driving performance has been enhanced and fuel economy improved.

5-speed AT with the SPORTSHIFT gear selection is standard on 2.0 liter turbo models. The down-shift blipping control is added to enhance smooth gear change response when shifting down in manual mode.

The SI-Dive (Subaru Intelligent Drive) system on the 2.0GT model offers three different modes of driving for the driver to enjoy: Intelligent; Sport; and Sport Sharp.see details here
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【スバル エクシーガ クロスオーバー7 試乗】“なんちゃってSUV”じゃない、快適7シーター
[ Subaru Exiga test drive crossover 7 is not a " Nanchatte SUV", comfortable 7 -seater
So far it has evolved from " EXIGA " " new " But , three rows / 7 bid of packaging followed , it's characterized by turned into more SUV concept .
Vehicle is very stylish . Head lamp around before , engine hood but seems carryover , large grill is addicted to nature . Cladding , such as wheel arches and side sills , roof rail also has become a summary , it was felt that with all due respect " has become stylish to beyond recognition from the base car ."
《撮影 雪岡直樹》《森脇稔》《島崎七生人》
スバル・クロスオーバー7 エクシーガの後継モデル詳細紹介動画

スバルCROSSOVER 7 コンセプト インテリア【札幌モーターショー2014】

SUBARU CROSSOVER 7 スバル クロスオーバー7 東京モーターショー2013 The 43rd TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2013

スバル WRX S4&STI動画試乗レポート ~国沢光宏のキビシイ目~ #LOVECARS #videotopics

【雪道AWD対決】ボルボVSスバル VOLVO VS SUBARU AWD comparing (試乗したレガシィとボルボS60T6の比較)

スバル クロスオーバー7
エクシーガ クロスオーバー7
スバル エクシーガ
Subaru crossover 7
Crossover 7
Over 7
EXIGA crossover 7
Subaru Exiga
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.Hello!! and welcome to my channel!!
In today's video is 2012 SUBARU EXIGA.
I'll introduce the exterior and interior.
Please enjoy!! Thank you!!
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