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Всем привет, дорогие друзья! Меня зовут Андрей, вы сейчас на CarsZona.ru, приступим. К сожалению появление новых видеообзоров на нашем сайте происходит не с желаемой регулярностью, но мы стараемся, и сегодня у нас на тестдрайве Pontiac Grand Am. Хочется эту машину выделить из общей массы. Вероятно, кому-то покажется, что машина «скучный сток». Но всё же я в неё свою ДУШУ вкладываю, забочусь и люблю ее очень.

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1999 Pontiac Grand Am test drive , 133, XXX miles, 3.1L V-6 great car very quick!Me doing a basic test drive on this 2003 Grand GT that I will be selling. General driving, top speed, breaking, and discussing the car in general.
Excellence Cars Direct presents this nice, clean 2001 Pontiac Grand Am Test Drive 6-speed manual. For more information, please visit us online at: WWW.EXCELLENCECARS.COMPontiac Grand Am SE Sport Coupe 3300 V6 45, 000 Original Miles Near Mint Test Drive Video Review This is one of the cleanest cars like this that I have had. The car only has 45K Original miles on it and that is barely broke in on a car like this. It has the 3.3L 3300 V6 which is a very good motor for power and fuel economy. The exterior is beautiful. The paint looks great and has a very nice shine to it. Everything about this car is clean as can be. The interior is just beautiful. It shows hardly any wear at all and looks great. Everything on the car works and you can really tell that someone took very good care of this car over the years.
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From Wikipedia:
For 1992 the Grand Am received new body work and a revised interior. A V6 option returned in the form of the 160 hp 3.3L 3300 V6. The 2.3 inline four came as either a SOHC or DOHC. A high output version of the DOHC was offered as well. A new GT trim was offered that featured sportier wheels, smoother, yet larger cladding, and more standard equipment.
1993 brought further refinement to the Quad 4. This resulted in a loss of 5 horsepower (3.7 kW) to all engines. In 1994, the V6 and standard 3-speed powertrain were effectively replaced by GM's new 3.1L 3100 series V6 engine and new 4-speed automatic transmission. A driver's side airbag also became standard for '94, but the door-mounted seatbelts persisted. In 1995, the Quad 4 engines received balance shafts, and a direct driven power steering off the intake camshaft. The four-speed automatic that was mated to the 3.1 in '94 became optional as a step-up from the three-speed for '95 on the new Quad 4 engine.
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