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Всем привет, дорогие друзья! Меня зовут Андрей, вы сейчас на CarsZona.ru, приступим. К сожалению появление новых видеообзоров на нашем сайте происходит не с желаемой регулярностью, но мы стараемся, и сегодня у нас на тестдрайве Honda Vigor. Перечитал драйв2.ру, перелистал тонну объявлений на авито, выбор осознанный и взвешенный. И так, пойдем по порядку!

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There have been some questions about why I've chosen this beat up old Acura Vigor as a project car. It's obviously in rough shape, at least on the outside. So why would I spend so much time and effort to bring it back from the brink? The reason, this car has style, and it's a reliable POS which many of you know is my favorite type of vehicle. In my opinion, this Vigor was made during a time in Honda's history where they were making the best cars they ever made. For me, early to late 90's Hondas were some of the best. I feel this Vigor is a direct representation of that. So if you're not convinced after watching this video that I made a good choice, so be it. But me, I'm going to keep driving it till someone offers me a ridiculous amount of money for it, or the wheels fall off.
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Camera: Brian Kast
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ETCG11992年 ホンダ ビガー
「シェイプド ワイド」「ビガー2.5リッター誕生」
自動車CM CarMovie ホンダCMI have driven this one for three weeks or so.
The car was in production for the following year -
Only C32A engine was offered with the following configurations -
The car was also known as -
Acura Legend
Daewoo Arcadia
Which was in production for the following years.
The following chassis codes were used -
The car also is related to -
Honda Accord
Honda Inspire
Honda Vigor
Honda Ascotmy 1992 Honda Vigor
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As the first ever Japanese luxury sedan to be introduced in the United States, the Acura Legend lives up to its legendary name by offering Honda quality and reliability wrapped in a timeless body that will be sought after by enthusiast for even more years to come, just don't expect to find examples as clean as this one.
Music by:
♫ DOCTOR VOX - Outcast

Not that long ago I did a video about inspecting your suspension for faults. I used my 1993 Acura Vigor for this video. In the video it was clear that my upper control arms, axles, and struts needed attention. This video answers to those issues and is a step by step representation of the process of replacing these components on my Acura Vigor. There aren't many Acura Vigors out there, but there are plenty of Honda Accords. In fact, the information in this video will apply to Honda Accords from 1990-2002.
To me this doesn't seem like a difficult job, but you may have to deal with rust and other issues that older vehicles often present as you'll see in the video. I'm also fortunate enough to have a wall mounted spring compressor that makes things easier. If you don't have access to one of these spring compressors, I'd recommend you take the struts to a shop that has one. You would only pay a fraction of the cost of the full job if you were just having the struts changed out. Something to consider if you're looking to do this job yourself.
That said, be sure to follow safe repair procedures to avoid injury. Outside of that, you'd be saving yourself quite a bit of money doing this work yourself. I can attest to the fact that the ride was greatly improved after I did these repairs. Can't wait to put some new tires on to finish the job.
Camera: Brian Kast
Thanks for watching!
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No start problems:
Idle issues:
Performance issues:
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Diagnosing Vibrations:
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