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Привет всем, кто заглянул в гости! Буду рад, если мой блог будет кому-то интересен, подписывайтесь, пишите комментарии, задавайте вопросы… Давно веду на драйве свой бортжурнал, но решил поделиться своими мыслями и на CarsZona.ru. Машину купил в конце июля 2014, сомнений особо не было, выбор для меня был очевиден - Daihatsu Naked. В процессе эксплуатации, за 2 года, машинка ни разу не подвела, даже ни одна лампочка не перегорела, а только замена расходников по ТО.

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В этом видео мы хотим показать два бюджетных, быстрых и надежных японских автомобиля, которые могут составить достойную конкуренцию более дорогим и известным машинам.

JOIN VSP GROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: Технические характеристики :
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-Максимальная мощность 69л.с. при 6000об.мин.Daihatsu SirionDaihatsu Sirion"The Daihatsu Naked was a Kei car made by Daihatsu. Presented on the Tokyo Motor Show in 1999, [2] it was built between 2000 and 2004. It was available with a 659cc petrol engine and either two or four wheel drive. The styling included features such as ridges in the doors and exposed hinges and bolts, designed to make the car appear rugged. The Naked was an early example of styling features from off-roaders being used on road cars; this idea has since been used on cars such as the Rover Streetwise, Citroën C3 XTR and Volkswagen CrossPolo. The interior styling has similarities to that of the original Fiat Panda, with plastic mouldings that resemble the fabric on the Panda's dashboard."
Above copied and pasted from wikipedia.
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"Today's topic of interest is one of those fascinating little kei cars found in the Japanese home market. A kei car cannot exceed certain exterior dimensions, and is limited to a 660cc motor of no more than 64 HP. A car which observes these limitations is easier to register under Japanese law and qualifies for favorable tax and insurance treatment.

Our subject was produced by Toyota subsidiary Daihatsu from 2000 to 2004, and is a variation on the 5th-generation Mira 5-door hatchback. It has a squared-off shape, and the many "industrial" details like the chiseled character lines on the doors, the "bolt heads" on the bumper and nosepiece, and the exposed door hinges, give it a "techno" or "futuristic" feeling. If they'd had four-passenger economy cars in Blade Runner, they might've looked like this little fella.

The name of this delightful little car? We'll get to that in a minute.

Japanese consumer products, including automobiles, quite often have English names (or at least names that sound "Western") rather than Japanese. As one leading authority on the phenomenon explains:

"English is used as a design element in Japanese products and advertising to give them a modern look and feel (or just to "look cool"). . . . Quite often it is easier to come up with English names than Japanese for a particular product. New products are brought to the marketplace in Japan more than anywhere else in the world and Japanese words and slogans quickly get used up. Japanese graphic designers will often tell you that English is widespread because the Japanese writing script (or scripts) limits their creativity - there are only so many ways to display their language, and only so many different types of fonts to use."

Since the English language is used as a design element, rather than as an attempt to communicate with English-speaking people, there is sometimes a lack of attention to spelling, grammar, and idiom, and hilarity ensues. In the Japanese automotive world, this practice has led to such curiosities as the Toyota Carina "EXCITING VERSION" and the mid-engined Honda Beat roadster which is badged as the "TYPE R MIDSHIP AMUSEMENT." (The same thing happens in reverse--the Chinese and Japanese get a good laugh out of the mis-use of their written characters by Westerners in product labels, magazine graphics, and tattoos.)

The previous examples, however, pale in comparison to the name of today's featured vehicle."
Above copied and pasted from carlustblog

The video link below has photos of the interior.

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